How to Recover Gmail Account Without Recovery Email

Gmail is the advertisement-aided webmail service provided by Google, one of the largest Information technology companies in the world currently. Nowadays, not a minute passes without thousands of business transactions being completed per minute on the online platform. With the advent of the internet, much of the physical workflow has become concentrated on the online platform. Even the smallest everyday tasks have become associated with protocols dedicated to optimizing their online use.

Thus it has become necessary to set foot on the internet bandwagon and establish your identity online to play your part in this intangible system. Your online identity is garnered through a compound combination of words as a whole comprises your email address. It is this very thing you need to register yourself in the availing of any other online service. Thus it is paramount to set up an account with one of the numerous email service providers available online. Today we’ll be taking into one such service provider, i.e. aol mail, which is also coincidentally one of the most popular options globally.

Introduction to Gmail

Gmail, the popularised abbreviation of Google Mail, is a free, advertisement aided, internet-based mailing service provided by the America-based I.T. giant Google. It is one of the most sought-after among the cutting edge services provided by Google, including cloud computing, search engine, and advertisement technology.

It was developed by Google developer Paul Buchheit, who has previously worked on the early networking venture of Google Groups. He incredibly developed the Gmail framework in a single day by recycling the coding from his previous work. Its beta version was released on the 1st of April, 2004 and, in spite of it being in a testing phase, really captured the imagination of users worldwide with the introduction of its revolutionary features and a robust interface.

Ever since then, Google has been constantly improving and introducing one unique innovation after another into the system. This has landed Gmail a podium place for the popularity in webmail services, with it currently being one of the most popular options along with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail Inlog, and Hotmail. Let’s take a look at the variety of features offered by Gmail, to understand its broad spectrum utility from.

Features of Gmail

Despite Gmail providing a free basic service, its support from advertisement revenues means that it can support us with a hefty number of features. The most utilitarian of the features are described below.

  • 1. Extra storage space extending to 15 GB for free users, combined over the platforms of Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. This can be extended to 30GB for paid plans.
  • 2. Mail attachments up to 25GB for standalone files, and larger ones as Google Drive links.
  • 3. Excellent organizational software provides us with a sleek interface, conversational tabs, and user-defined subfolder to segregate our email.
  • 4. Efficient spam filters based on the user’s behavior and tightened virus protection.
  • 5. Multilingual services, extending up to 72 of the world’s languages.

The utility of these features cannot be done without, and amidst the mumbo jumbo of the everyday world, it is very plausible that you may somehow get locked out of your Gmail account. This can be due to a successful hacking attempt or just generally forgetting your password altogether. In such a difficult situation, let’s have a look at how to recover your Gmail account

How to Recover Gmail Account Without Recovery Email

In some extremely unfortunate cases, where your secondary recovery email is malfunctioning or was not set-up at all, it can be difficult to recover your Gmail account. However, by undertaking the following steps the problem should be solved.

  • Open the browser of your choice.
  • Visit the Google Account Recovery page
    (at google)
  • Enter your email address and click ‘Next’.
  • You will be prompted to enter your password; Click on ‘Try another way’.
  • You will now be prompted to use your associated phone number to recover the account. Even if that facility is unavailable to you, click on ‘Try another way’
  • You will be now required to enter some of your details one by one. Fill them to the best of your knowledge.

After the personal details match up, you will get hassle-free access back to your account instantly, without any major complications.